Thursday, May 19, 2016

Consciously Using Consciousness to Create

Spirit, it has been a while since we have come together in this fashion to write, but I now feel inspired to continue the journey that we started years ago. 

We are so glad that you are following this pursuit again, since it will be beneficial for many. Of course we have been speaking with you constantly, but so much of the information you have received has yet to be shared with others.  Life is always about change, and all is good no matter your decisions, but we admit that we are happy you will be pursuing this line of inspiration again.

Well it is hard not to, you have been flooding me with so much information these past few months.  I am once again ready to continue writing.  So first, let me ask you to elaborate on what we recently spoke about.  On my way to church last week I received a download about conscious creation and how we may be perpetuating systems that we don’t agree with in the way we are trying to manifest what we desire.  I shared a little bit about this at church but realize there is much more to learn.

We brought this to your attention because you are manifesting all aspects of life all the time.  It is something that is important to know if you wish to see the world change, as you do Nathan.  At the same time we hope that you and others do not overthink this concept to the point where you stop trying to actively manifest at all.  In fact the main reason we are introducing this concept is to prove to everyone exactly how powerful you are. 

Each one of you is constantly recreating and re-enforcing the creation of the world that exists around you.  In every thought that you have you are interpreting and giving meaning to energy that then begins to take form in a way that you perceive it.  So is the purpose of consciousness, to give shape and meaning to the energy that creates worlds.  Energy contains information that comes from consciousness.  So when you think a thought, you imbue energy with this information.  This is the basic premise of the “law of attraction” that many so often talk about.  It would be more accurately called the law of creation but we understand all words are just a generalization of a concept so that basic communication can take place.  This process of creation by consciousness is also a form of communication, but it is one that is much quicker and more exact in nature.  Every bit of information that you instill in energy through thought goes somewhere, creates in some way.  This is why we feel it is important to create with thoughts that truly represent the reality you wish to live in.

Let us start with one of the most basic concepts you deal with in your world, that abstract concept of money.  Now money in itself is nothing more than metal, paper, or bits of information contained in the vast space of the internet, but to it you have applied many meanings and thus created for yourself a world where money equals quality of life.  Of course those that have lots of money are usually okay with this concept and willingly perpetuate the creation of this.  Many more of you, especially those who are struggling, wish that money did not have to equal the ability to be safe, comfortable, be able to eat, receive an education, or receive healthcare.  At the same time most of the same people are still trying to actively manifest from within this concept by bringing more money to themselves.  So while they can certainly manifest the money to elevate their financial status within the world, they are in fact continuing to create the world where money equals the ability to be safe, comfortable, be able to eat, receive an education, or receive healthcare. 

This does not have to be the case though.  What if each one of you decided to create from a different story? What if you worked on manifesting what it is you truly desired without bringing the concept of money into your thoughts?  Can you imagine a life where the drive to receive money does not equal survival? 

I can. In my head I picture my family living on a piece of land where we have a modest house and a beautiful garden with all sorts of healthy fruits and vegetables.  I see us playing outside, picking our food together, and just enjoying the beautiful day.  We have all our basic needs met and seem so happy.  Surely money would not be a key to survival if we lived this way.

Perfect! Now use that creative thought as the beginning of your manifestations.  Notice how you feel when this scene plays out.  Create the scene so perfectly in your head.  Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Notice how healthy you feel. Feel the way your lips move as you smile and laugh together.  And as you experience this scene over and over again feel it so deeply that it permeates every cell in your body.  First create this space over and over again so that it becomes a real place in your mind.  Create this moment so strongly that its image is seems more real than your memories of past experiences.  Recreate this moment every day, and feel how you have all your needs met, and how happy you are.  Once you feel you can relive this experience with no effort we ask you to expand your world.  Suddenly you move to the edge of your land and look out to see your family, friends, and neighbors all living in a similar way, happy, fulfilled, with all their needs met.  Create this experience until it is real to you.  What you will notice is how your world begins to shift. At first it may be gradual. You will focus less on money and more on being happy.  But eventually you will notice that your needs are being met without the former struggle.  The world around you will begin to change, falling in line with the information that you have been instilling in the energy that comes to you in those moments of creative ecstasy.   When you actively and consciously imbue the energy of creation with your desires you are erasing the prior programming the energy had and instead giving it new directions to create.  You are like a programmer changing the code of energy so that the experience you have is now different than it would have been before.

So we simply ask you to define the world you wish to live in.  Remove from this world those factors you do not wish to experience.  Create a new definition of life on your planet.  And then when you consciously use your consciousness to create, create from this new world definition.  Do not manifest eliminating things from your current experience, but rather manifest from your world where they do not exist.  In this way you are no longer instilling energy with concepts you wish not to experience.  Instead you are using one hundred percent of all your creative thoughts to create this new and beautiful world.  You have all the tools you need, you always have.  We just hope to help you learn to use them more efficiently.  We do this with love, always.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Creating the Past

Spirit, I have a question regarding some channeling I gave at our trance mediumship class the other day.  You spoke to a friend of mine about the nature of history and told her basically that we discover and create our own history and that there is no absolute past to discover.  Could you elaborate on this? I feel that I sort of understand what you are saying but that I do not quite get the whole picture.

We will give you some more information, but understand that the level we are able to give you depends on your understanding at this point  As you learn more and bring the information we present to you into your belief system then there will be more details that we can provide you at that time.  For now let us start by saying that there is no past or future that exists somewhere along a stream of time.  Rather there is a vibrational reality that you are not experiencing in this moment that is still very real but outside your range of observation.  As you choose to experience different vibrations you create for yourself what appears to be a timeline, but this is a creation of the physical world you live in.  In the physical world your body can only process a limited amount of information so you have created filters that blind you to most of reality, leaving only a small portion of it experienced.  There is a very simple way to say this.  For a past to exist as you know it things would have to have an end.  Since all is of God and eternal then there can be no end, therefore these realities must still exist, just out of your range of experience.

Now since everything exists in this eternal moment of now then the same laws of reality apply to what we will label the "past events" for your ease of understanding.  One of these laws is that everything is in a constant state of change.  Therefore the past energy you no longer experience is still in a state of flux and creation just as your current reality is.  Your teacher Ed talks about how shamans can alter their past events.  This is very true and is a rather simple thing to accomplish.  Simply one must reconnect with the energy of that previously experienced moment and then alter his or her choices.  By doing so you now have had a chance to experience two alternate realities within one seemingly linear lifetime.  You will not forget either reality, but now you have the choice to pull from the energy of either decision.  We suggest of course using the energy of the choice that brings you the most joy.  The more experienced you become with connecting to previously experienced energy the stronger the connection will be and the more "real" it will feel to you.  Of course remember that every thought is real and has an energetic "body" of its own. 

Such exercises also work with reality outside of your current experiences that you have never lived through in this lifetime.  Your friend, for example, asked about discovering the true life of Jesus.  We can say for certain that there are many energetic versions of this reality floating around and that anyone can choose which reality to pull from in their experience.  Now of course there will always be the popular history which has the beliefs of many people supporting it, so these versions of reality will be more easily accessible to you.  Of course popular history also is in flux and changing, and sometimes it only takes one person to pull from a different version of reality to create massive change to popular history.  You are seeing this happen on the very topic of Jesus and religion in general.  People are changing their views and as such new historical evidence will appear to support this new popular belief. 

So if all this is true then you must be beginning to understand why it is so important to not judge anyone or anything on the past, especially yourself.  This means that you should not fall into old patterns that repeat in a similar fashion simply because you have only experienced them in that way.  Imagine eating only one flavor of ice cream simply because it is the only one you have tasted in the past.  Well, many people do that in their lives, thus limiting the untapped potential of ultimate reality creation all of us can experience.  This leads to unhappy and unfulfilled lives, mostly because a part of you knows that something more exciting and joyous exists but that you currently cannot see it.  We would much rather see you pull from the reality that you wish to experience and create everything in your life anew.  If you learn the ability to do this to a high degree then there is no limit to the happiness and joy and excitement you can experience.  This is what Spirit wishes for you, but of course it will always be your choice.  We just prefer that you make an informed choice.  We will leave you with this for now.  Move forward in joy and peace and you will begin to see it behind you as well.  We will speak with you again soon.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Perception = Reality

So let's try this again.  I was almost finished with a post when something happened and the page closed.  I am guessing there is some reason for it.

 Well, we would say that if you must find reason for something to happen or exist then you will be able to perceive it.  In this case we would suggest that perhaps the beginning of the blog post was a little boring and unnecessary.  It is better that you get to the heart of the discussion right away.  What we discussing is the misconception of non-physical reality.  Non-physical is the same as physical, there is truly no separation between them.  Both are reality.  The difference is in the reality that is perceived.  What you easily perceive you call physical, everything else you call non-physical.  In what you would call absolute reality everything just is.  Your perceptive abilities have even caused you to create something called death, which is again a concept based on perceptive limits.  Recently you heard the water analogy Nathan.  When water turns to steam you do not say that the water has died do you?  Your lives are the same as the water.  There is a change for sure, but everything is constantly changing anyway.  Nothing in your life exists exactly as it did seconds ago.  Everything is in a process of constantly redefining itself.  And as everything around you changes you get to choose how it will be perceived in your reality.  Perception is everything.  All That Is simply is, how you view it creates what you experience.  As you open up to certain ideas you allow yourself the ability to perceive those concepts and thus experience them as part of your reality.  Your concept of multiple realities and universes are really only multiple perceptions of an all-encompassing consciousness and life energy.  From this consciousness stream you can call forth the concepts that you would like to perceive in your life and this is what many of you call the law of attraction.  It is nothing more than allowing your perception of something that is already existing.  Now, you are creating all the time, but once a thought is conceived it exists within the probabilities of the universe.  Then you, through what you allow yourself to perceive increase or decrease the probabilities of perception in your personal experience.  You, Nathan, have chosen to be able to perceive life after what you call death.  In doing so you are constantly shown proof of life continuing on when it is no longer easily perceived by the masses on your planet.  Many others are also following suit and as they do so the mass consciousness of the world increases its probabilities of experiencing life after death as well.  So now more and more people are gaining access to these new perceptions and when enough people do then the non-physical will become a part of everyday reality.  When this happens the non-physical as you call it will become much more physical to you.  It will be very real and much easier perceived by all.  And this is how you are able to change the world.  Increase your own perceptions of something you would like to see.  This is why law of attraction teachers say to focus on the things you want and not on what you do not want to experience.  As you increase perception of anything you increase the probability of it manifesting in your reality.  Since you are part of a mass consciousness experience as well, you increase the probability of everyone else experiencing it too, even of only to a small degree.  Does this make sense to you Nathan?

Yes, I believe it does.  I think I need to sit with it for a bit so I can bring some new questions to the discussion.  I guess when I was told that the true nature of reality was one of probabilities I did not completely understand it.  I am beginning to get it a little more now.

Trust us you are only scratching the surface.  New material has come to you though so read up and bring your new knowledge to the discussion next time.  There is so much to discuss, and we cannot wait to further this discussion and add to everyone's perceptive abilities.  Until then, stay in peace, love and joy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Spiritual Humility

So I recently was thinking about humility and how it applies to being a spiritual person.  Many people feel humility comes along with spirituality but in what ways and to what degree are largely open to debate.  How do you in Spirit feel about the subject of humility?
Ah, being humble is a very interesting topic for those pursuing a Spiritual path in life.  We of course will say that there is no right or wrong, the subject depends on what you are seeking in your life.  We feel that the most beneficial way to be humble is to be open to experience anything and any point of view.  Allow others to teach you and learn what you can from them.  This does not mean take the information to heart and believe it, but rather to listen and try to understand where they are coming from and then see if the message resonates with you in a positive way.  Admitting that you do not know everything is the best way to be humble. 
At the same time some people use the subject of humility to perpetuate the myths that they are unworthy.  We feel that it is okay to accept praise for something you have accomplished in life.  It is beneficial for you to feel positive about your actions.  So we do not suggest that you play down your successes in life in order to follow a humble Spiritual path.  There is nothing spiritual about denying the greatness that all of you are.  At the same time, as you accept the praise, be willing to admit that someone else can still teach you about the topic and be ready to listen. 
When you started this blog Nathan, you were concerned about naming it “Nate’s Messages” because you were afraid people would look at the name and think you were cocky or full of yourself.  Now though, we believe you are ready to understand why you were inspired to call them Nate’s Messages.  The reason is because these are not just messages channeled by you but rather for you.  These are our messages to you Nathan.  This is why they are Nate’s Messages.  We asked you to start this blog because a great many people can learn from these messages as well, but they are a part of your spiritual path.  In a way this blog will serve to be a spiritual journal for you allowing yourself to see growth throughout the years.  Allow yourself to be not only the author but the student and any fears you have about not being humble enough will fade away.
Another area we would like to touch upon briefly is the concept of money in exchange for services, as this plays to the Spiritual path and humility.  Money is nothing more than an agreed upon concept of exchange.  Money itself is worthless unless you place value on it.  If the world suddenly decided to turn away from the concept of currency then instantly the wealthiest people in the world would be on the same level as everyone else.  So money is not something that is evil, or unspiritual, it is barely even a thing.  Money is a concept, and you decide as a society how much of this concept a certain action or object in your world is worth.  So when you begin to value your spiritual gifts, whether they are healing, or counseling, or messages, you get to decide how this concept of money applies.  A spiritual person would say, “ I do not understand everything about my gifts, so I have plenty to learn, but what I do have and understand is valuable and worth something.”  To feel what you have is not valuable is to be a fearful being, not a spiritual one.  At the same time to intentionally try and take more from people than is healthy for them to give is also fearful, as you are saying to the universe there is not enough around so I need to take as much as I can.  We suggest that anyone looking to live off their spiritual gifts look at what they would desire to survive comfortably, look at what they personally would give for the service being provided, and then find that happy medium where they feel that neither themselves nor the client is being taken advantage of in the exchange.  When both parties feel the price is fair then the value is determined and both people can move forward and appreciate the spiritual gifts that are being shared. 
Remember that we are all connected so it is in everyone’s best interest to find that place of mutual positive exchange.  If such a place cannot be found then it is best to part ways and wish each other the best.  This is what we suggest to people in such a situation.  We offer this to you Nathan as it is information that you will use soon yourself, as well as your wife and many others who attend your church.  Always find the place of joy and love, in whatever you do, and you will find the path you seek.  Remember to love others and yourself as there is really no difference, except that which you create in your mind’s reality.  That is all for now.  Stay confident in all you do and keep that thirst for learning and you will always continue to move ever upward and onward.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Truth is Marching On

So Spirit, today I got myself all riled up and ready for the March Against Monsanto tomorrow.  I am sure you know about this.  Can I ask you if Spirit has a perspective on Genetically Modified Organisms and businesses such as Monsanto?

Well, first of all let us say this, do not fear forever destroying the biodiversity of the Earth.  We do not feel that you can ever truly destroy nature, as is a fear of people regarding GMOs.  Many are worried about the biodiversity of the Earth being affected, and while it may be for a while the Earth will always correct itself.  So that is not a huge issue in the eyes of Spirit.  Of course it may be for all of you because the effects of Mother Nature correcting herself could eventually drastically deplete your food sources.  This is the problem anytime biodiversity is affected, one strain of illness can wipe out everything.  So we do believe that if you all want your quality of life to stay as it is then it would be important to prevent loss of biodiversity in the present.

There is a larger issue we have with what is happening, and we mean this in the more human aspects of us that come through now, because of course in the grand scheme no one can truly be hurt.  Spirit dislikes the loss of freedom that is taking place.  When you came to Earth you came to express yourself and to discover who you wish to be.  This is absolute freedom and Spirit using this freedom creates new and glorious ideas and manifestations.  That is why all Spirit chooses to incarnate, to expand the universe in new and wonderful experiences.  When any freedoms are lost, even if only perceived to be lost since no one can truly affect your experience without your allowance, then this perception of lost freedom creates a perspective within the incarnated humans that they are less than who they really are. 

In the case you are speaking about the company Monsanto looks to own food seed.  This means, according to your government at least, that anyone who grows food using such seed owes Monsanto, even if the seed is accidentally added to their crops.  We do not believe that a great few expressing control over many is ever a true representation of who we all really are, and therefore Spirit is willing to assist those who wish to create equal opportunity and balance.  Freedom is your true essence and we in Spirit wish for all to see this and use this knowledge to create a truly magnificent world.  It is happening.  Your world is changing even as we speak and people are deciding to not be controlled anymore.  We find it amusing that your country, who so cried for freedom and stood as an example to so many has now become the fear based control regime you so fought against.  Your country is controlled by money, and even this concept of money is no longer backed by anything real.  You base your whole lives on working to earn what amounts to a promise from your government of something real, when in fact what you work for is worthless and can be destroyed at any time.  It is important to realize this, and this reality is why it is so important to have control over the real things in life, such as your food and water supplies.  Worry less about the economy and its illusion and focus on controlling what really matters.  Companies like Monsanto realize this and it is why they have acted in such a way.

In the long run you will live on either way.  You get to choose what your collective reality will contain.  Do you wish to be controlled by the few or will you stand up with your fellow man and decide that the many have more power, because they do.  The many will always be more powerful in a collective consciousness created reality.  The many, especially backed by knowledge of how the universe works and how we are connected to everything around us, have an unlimited source of power.  False concepts of money and worth mean nothing in your reality.  The only meaning they have is what you give them.  Take the power you give to money, and governments, and big businesses and military and place that power in your belief of who you are and no one can touch you.  In fact, they will all cower in front of you because they will see that you are untouchable and that you have what they they have always strived for, complete control of your reality.

This is the message we would like to spread.  We worked with your passion for activism in this post Nathan, which accounts for the slightly different tone in the beginning, to show you how important this revolution across the world is.  You create your reality.  You get to decide who has the power.  And as you march with your fellow activists tomorrow understand that you have the power.  You are not fighting against someone with all the power, you are the power saying no to the illusion others have created for you.  March with this in your hearts and no doubt you will see your world change.  It has to, this is the way of the universe.  We send you love and light and know that we are always with you, pushing all of you to find your inner freedom, your connection to Spirit, and your power of creation.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Program Allowing

I have no idea what this post should be about.  I know that you came through for me in the trance class I recently took.  I was nervous that I would not bring anyone through and asked you to be there, and when I finally allowed you to open my mouth I was amazed at how fluidly you spoke through me.  Can you comment on this to begin?

We were glad to be there with you, and of course you knew we would be there.  What you truly questioned was if you would allow us to speak through you.  That is what this post is to be about, allowing.  To often in your lives you create the desire for something and then do not allow it into your world.  For instance Nathan, you really wanted us to come through in trance.  We knew this many weeks in advance as we heard your prayers.  We planned to be right there with you but knew that there were steps needed to get you to the place where you would allow yourself to "give us the reins" so to speak.  Therefore, as we mentioned during trance, we first taught you to light trance our messages through the guided meditations you do at church.  These meditations were a simple step  forward from the writing that you are doing here.  The difference was the usage of your voice.  Once you began doing the meditations and allowed us to channel them through you we knew that full on trance channeling would be allowed by you as well. 

Of course, what if you had not been prepped for this moment?  If we had not worked with you prior to this class there is a good chance that you would not have allowed what you desired to happen.  Why would anyone not allow there desires to come true?  Well, it happens all the time, and the prime reason for this is fear.  When you desire something you are proclaiming that it is something you do not have.  Therefore to get this desire to manifest you have to change something.  What do you have to change?  Luckily the answer is a simple one.  You only have to change who you are in relation to the world around you. 

The term most people are using for this is changing your vibration.  It is not a new idea that you are all energy.  Nor is it a new concept that your world runs as a computer program.  The interesting thing about your world is that it runs like a computer program where the programmer exists within the program.  You are both the creator and the person having the experience, and this is often where people lose sight of their reality.  Since you exist within the program you get to abide by all its fun rules and codes.  Since you are also the programmer though, you can change the coding of this very same program.  You do this by changing the coding within yourself, or as some people like to put it your vibration.  Vibration is not an incorrect way of saying it but we are going to use the term program here because we want you to understand your true power.  People do not always understand changing their vibration, but changing a program often makes sense to them.

It is only a few lines of code that need to be changed before the whole world around you is affected.  In any program one tiny misplaced figure can prevent the desired outcome from appearing.  The same is true with your world.  You can set up everything you need for success but if your code is off just a bit your chances of success will be diminished.  So how do you change your program?  Well your program is your thoughts.  The world is sending you constant signals and you get to interpret them with your thoughts.  In this way your mind will connect with thoughts that are of a similar wavelength and it will dismiss thoughts that are different.  This is your own internal filter and it is a wonderful thing, especially once you learn to control it.  The thoughts you put out determine how the energetic universe around you reacts.  So now how do you allow certain energies and thoughts in that will allow you to manifest what you truly desire?  The easy way is to change what you think.  Of course it is best to first find out what you need to change.  If there is a desire that you are not allowing in your life then there is some fear hidden in your code.  So you need to find that fear and then allow your program to change.  For you Nathan, in your trance class, the fear was about giving a Spirit control of your body, and also a fear of being put on the spot or faking it.  Now in your heart you knew that we would come through for you, just as you know that you would never fake a message to someone.  You always give only what you feel and nothing more.  So as you began the process of allowing us in you kept using the thoughts, "I love you; I surrender."  This change in your pattern was all that you needed to allow us in.  With love you removed any fear of negative energy or false messages and with surrender you gave us the ability to calm your nerves and come through you.  You were able to identify these fears ahead of time and we put a plan in place for you. 

Yes, I read about a few different people who did trance and got a few pointers, especially the one about surrender.  I had a feeling I was being led to read about these different people. 

We led you to them but only because it was your desire to allow us to come through.  And once you had these tools of "love and surrender" there was no way you could fail, because you had a way to calm your fears and allow the original manifesting desire to come forth.  So we ask those of you reading this to be honest and find your fears that are keeping you from your desire.  Where is the blockage, what is the thought that is sabotaging your code?  Once you can find it replacing the code is as simple as repeating, "I love you.  I surrender."  And know that when you find the fear that is preventing you from manifesting your desire we in Spirit will place before you the tools you need, just as we did with Nathan, so that you can feel secure and comfortable changing your code and thus changing the way the whole world presents itself to you.  And that our friends, is the true power of love and Spirit, and it is the true nature of who you are.  You are the creator of worlds, and the power to change your life is just a few thoughts away.  We are right there with you so have no fear, and without fear you will truly soar. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Heartfelt Truth

Hello Spirit.  Sorry for absence.  I think I am ready to write this message now.  I knew that you wished to speak about what happened in Boston last week and I was a little uncomfortable. 
Yes, you’ve been nervous to write about it. We understand that and have been slowly giving you much of the information we would like to share so that you would feel comfortable writing it.
Yes, I am grateful for that.  I was worried that people would think I was using the situation to promote myself.  Now though I see that what you have to say is important.
We feel it is a message that needs to be shared.  We tell you not to worry.  Most of those who come here are ready to read this.  The few that are uncomfortable with this message are still just going through their own healing process.  It is our hope they will receive some healing through our words.  So let us begin shall we?
Yes lets.  Please go on and share your message.
First of all we would like to let you know that the Spirit world is affected very much by your events just as those on your plane of existence are.  For us though the response is a little different.  We do not mourn those who have died, for we know that in reality they are very much alive and have just transitioned to another plane of existence.  We rather mourn for those who allow fear to enter their experience because of these events.  When such events happen on your world there is a tremendous chance for your planet to evolve spiritually.  We know that you spoke with a friend at church about the response to the Boston events. 
Yes, we spoke about how the immediate response seemed to be one of love rather than fear.  Sure some people became angry and fearful, but many people truly seemed to come together.
Yes, and while we do not wish for such events to happen in your world, when they do we as guides hope to push all of you towards finding the love inside.  There is a flurry of activity in our world when such events happen as we do our best to communicate to and through you the actions of compassion.  We feel that many did this last week and we are very proud of all of you who found your inner truth and revealed it.  Our work as guides is not done however, regarding this event.  It is now more than ever that we must continue to help all of you see the compassion and love.  As people begin to focus on punishing those who are said to be involved, we stress how important it is to release and remove yourselves from anger and stay in love. 
It is important to remember that fear and hate come when one sees him or herself as separate from the world around them.  When these people are not connected to the world and their God essence they sometimes lash out to make others feel the same sense of loss that they feel.  Your guest speaker at church this week, Bridget, made a good point about this.  When people are sick they need help healing, not to be blamed for being sick.  Sure, it is important to make sure that in their sickness they do not harm others, but it is also important to realize that those who commit such actions are in need of help.  They need to reconnect with their spirit energy.  They need to feel loved and not alone.  They need to feel as though the world is not out to get them.  Unfortunately, since they often feel the world is against them they manifest it, sometimes in very big ways.  So some may say that these people got what they deserved and have manifested the world being against them.  It is okay for those to have that view if they choose, but think about this.  What if instead through their biggest actions to create their depressed reality, those who hurt others instead found out that they are still loved, despite their actions?  What if their call for help, their signs of feeling alone were answered by forgiveness?  How would it affect their lives?  How would it affect the world?
We are here to tell you that such a showing of compassion would change the world.  Don’t you think that the world view of your country would change?  Can you feel how those who preach hate would lose influence over people; how people would see through their lies?  It is easy to love those who do you no harm, but for many it is difficult to love those who commit the lowest of crimes against you.  The truth is that they need love the most.  If you could find it within yourselves to offer compassion the entire world would look at you and say, “See how they embody love and compassion; truly they are not our enemies.”  In the past people have turned to hate and war in the wake of such events.  These actions have only created more hate and fear throughout the world.  Now you have a chance to change all this.  You spoke about this event and the outpouring of love, and you are already noticing that there has been a change.  Continue down this path and you will move forward in creating your world of peace.  You are all connected.  Remember this as people throw out judgments.  When you judge another you judge yourself.  When you forgive another you forgive yourself.  Compassion is the key word.  Compassion is accepting the world for what it is, without judgment.  From this place of compassion you have the ability to change everything around you.  Acceptance of what is gives you power to affect the future.  Denial and judgment take away your power.  If you all truly want to express your inner Godhood and create a world of peace begin now.  Judge not and love always.  Know that as your hearts connect with all those around you every feeling of love counts.  Every sign of peace and compassion is felt by the world.  No good deed goes unfelt, even if it may go unnoticed.  You do not have to preach what we have written here; many are not ready to hear it.  Those of you who came here are.  So just feel the love and compassion in your hearts and know that it is affecting everyone you come in contact with.  We will leave you with this for now.  Know that all who have passed are in a place of love, and that they wish for all of you to find that same place of love here on Earth.